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 HMRC Fraud
 Any 'insiders' out there who can help with this?
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Rank; Hector Tax Inspector

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Posted - 23/11/2008 :  15:54:08  Show Profile Send jenni a Private Message
Hi! We are currently disputing an overpayment which arose due to maladministration @ HMRC. When we requested our SARN data, part of a strand of internal emails were also copied to us. Don't know if this was a mistake, or if someone on the inside is trying to help us out. Either way, we don't understand the terms & abbreviations, and (surprisingly...) HMRC have not responded to our requests for the rest of the info, explanations of the terms and a full explanation of how it is relevant to our case.

So thought I'd post it here to see if anyone can shed some light on it. May be nothing, but worth a try (and we need all the ammo we can get here!)

(Starts with 'to' & 'from' addresses which have been typexed out)

Sent: 09 June 2008 15:16

Subject: FW: 06/07 Restores


Please ensure that you follow the revised procedures below for 06/07 restores only

Also, can you make sure that where we are issuing a lump sum payment and monitoring here that you also follow the following:

*In your draft to the customer you do not state that we will reinstate the award. Inform them that we will no longer seek to recover the overpayment

*Ensure that you suspend recovery against 07/08

*Ensure that you enter a retained note in household notes in a similar format to the message for PY-1 guidance were we issue an off system giro.

*Make sure that when you issue the off system Giro you request that it is NOT posted

Any problems let me know

(Again, 'to' & 'from' are blanked out, then the 2nd email is as follows)

Sent: 07 June 2008 10.39

Subject : FW 06/07 Restores


I have made a change to the agreement with SYMON regarding which cases that we will refer to them. The only cases that we need to send to SYMON are scenario 1 were there isn't a case in payment already and the customer needs a manual payment plan setting up, to pay last year, this years and future entitlement.

The scenario 2 were we have to issue a one-off payment for missing entitlement we will monitor ourselves and then remit when we get the go ahead. Can we put the message that is being used for PY-1 one-off payments and ask for this not to be posted.

Happy to discuss
(name blanked out)

Higher Officer

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Ali M-W

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Posted - 01/12/2008 :  07:53:06  Show Profile Send Ali M-W a Private Message
Hi Jenni - no answers for you yet, but I will try a few of my contacts and see if I can direct them here.

'Insiders' may be frightened to post in base the HMRC whistleblowing police come after them. They are few and far between - only the boldest make contact. But we do have some Welfare Rights Advisers who join us sometimes, and others in the know who are not HMRC employees. You might get more joy from the likes of Miss Froy, Splashin st al than from HMRC employees - after all, Treasury bosses will be a vengeful lot!

You've only got to read bout the Tory MP who got arrested for spilling the beans elsewhere to know that those in power will stop at little or nothing to keep it that way!

It all gets very Orwellian when you look at it...

Anyway, good luck, Jenni.

Trinity: No one has ever done anything like this.
Neo: That's why it's going to work.

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Ali M-W

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Posted - 01/12/2008 :  07:56:22  Show Profile Send Ali M-W a Private Message
Jenni, just had other ideas, too. You could look up Paula's telephone number on You must be logged in to see this link. and ring her (her email is currently on a go-slow, so a call may be faster). Or you could write to HMRC (aka the Tax Credit Office) and ask them what it means...

It would be interesting to see how they account for it!

Trinity: No one has ever done anything like this.
Neo: That's why it's going to work.

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Posted - 04/12/2008 :  18:48:05  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message
did they have problems paying you into a bank account at any point? sounds like the system may have issued you a payment twice (one manually while the system is broken - which the system doesn't pick up and so reissues when fixed), a common error, and their fault.
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Rank; Hector Tax Inspector

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Posted - 06/12/2008 :  20:03:47  Show Profile Send jenni a Private Message
Hi, AT LONG LAST we've had a response from HMRC. They still want their money back, but have answered my question with regards to the email:

'I would like to take this oppertunity to explain that 'PY 1' refers to an award which runs immediately prior to the previous years' award. This was in relation to their 2006-2007 award. There is no relation between this and any mistakes that occured on their award.

When we look into technical problems, our attempts to resolve them sometimes take longer than expected. So that we can closely monitor an award, we assign a new caseworker at our System monitoring team (SYMON). There is no relation between this and any mistakes that occurred on their award.

Both of the two scenarios which were mentioned in the letter to xxxxxxxx were explaining to our officers when a case can be sent to our SYMON team in order for a customers correction entitlement to be shown on an award. Again, there is no relation to this and any mistakes on their award. I am sorry for the confusion this has caused.'

So it sounds like there's nothing to this and (in our case anyway) was just something else muddying up the water. Might help someone else though??

tcblondie- thanks for your post, and no, we haven't had any problems getting paid... so far...

Started a new job last week, and now I've got to RING THEM and tell them and hope they can handle the information without ballsing something ELSE up!
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Alan the Geordie

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Posted - 07/12/2008 :  01:19:31  Show Profile Send Alan the Geordie a Private Message
>>Started a new job last week, and now I've got to RING THEM and tell them and hope they can handle the information without ballsing something ELSE up!<<

Ring them by all means, BUT back-up what was said with a letter which you send to them by Recorded Delivery and keep a copy for yourself!!

You may find this useful WHEN they balls it up!!

"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible
reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed."

Adolf Hitler
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