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 Anxious disabled--why HMRC checking disability?
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Posted - 04/10/2010 :  18:48:02  Show Profile Send Va_Lerne a Private Message

Dear All, A couple of months ago I became concerned because my Renewals letter had not been returned with the new award. When I called up in early August(that is when the answer message didn't just kick you off) I was told by that it was just taking longer to process. I said it is almost 8 weeks, I was told I would hear something in 3 weeks. Didn't. Twelve and half weeks later I managed to get through after 20 minutes on the 0845 number (don't they realize we don't have alot of money on only disabled worker tax credits @ 16 hours a week and low profits?); they tell me that it has been assigned I am supposed to phone them as something 'they want to get the processing right' (yeah right?)

Recently, I received a letter from B& C Compliance Operations asking for information from 2006 (pre-my taking up the disability element of tax credits) and wanting to know about
[i]'evidence of disability benefit you are currently receiving; evidence of the disability benefit you were receiving including details of the periods and rates you received the benefit for; Evidence of the receipt f Statutory Sick Pay including details of the periods you received this for; Details of how you qualify for the WTC disability element if not of the above are relevant; and lastly "Could you lok at the list attached and let me know under whaich part you qualify for the disability element"

And oh yes,[/i]"Please provide original documentation not photocopies"

THEN the PRONOUNCEMENT (yes a bit of sarcasm here)[/u]"When I have finished my checks, I will:
write to tell you we have made a decision on your claim, and
send your documents back to you..If you have an adviser acting for you, please show them this letter. /s/Claimant Compliance Asistant Officer.....

[u]Like the other member Kerry (whose excellent comment inspired me and Ali's excellent, information reassured me) I also had what he referred to as a period in my life going nuts, I would say I had a mini mental breakdown following burnout for bullying job, combined with stress from acrimonioius marital conflict, combined with children who in the past were sick and disabled....basically the modern society's illness Stress
I was on Statutory Sick Pay from my former employer; 6 months later followed be being told incorrectly that I wasn't eligible for IB because of lack of stamps, then on Income support, then finally on IB in the long term. Like the other member Kerry said and it is true the DWP was encouraging IB Claimants to go on to the Disabled Working Tax Credits with a guarantee that they could return within 2 years to their former rate of IB if things didn't work out.

Looking at the 2006 entitlement conditions from a posted brochure on the net including the 'fast track' provision, I qualified for Disabled Tax Credit and each year I've been of the impression that I continue to be eligible. But it looks like the 'fast track' provision that I qualified for originally --being on Incapacity Benefit immediately before isn't there. Surely, again as Kerry said: We had to submit the form which showed the taxable IB we had to the HMRC Tax credit office in the first place. Surely they know that I was in receipt of IB immediately before. And it is confusing to me that each tax year or renewal, as long as there hadn't been any break surely there should be a grandfathering effect where the 'fast track provision' would be carried through, but how things are worded now ignore this provision that one could have qualified before through being on IB, then going off IB to go to Disabled TC--but because of the nature of the disability-mental and stress related--one doesn't necessarily get DLA.

But not being in receipt of a state benefit doesn't mean that the person isn't disabled and at a disadvantage; it's just that I didn't want to go through the humiliating exercise after seeing what it does to my son with a neurological disability! If I wasn't anxious before (having read a article somewhere on here about the compliance checking that HMRC are doing on disability element, generally--link pls?) and realizing my tax credit renewal was not coming back, I am worried sick and I mean SICK..The letter by HMRC is dare them make a pronouncement on my personal problems whether it was a disability or not, whether I saw a doctor on a regular basis (yeah right with the state of our Mental Health Services) and all of this...what a luxury it would be if I could be handed a golden handshake like the bank bosses, but I actually need to eat each week on the limited income based on 16 hours of work. If I could have worked more I would have.

Okay I better stop the rant...

Do the experts here suggest that I get FOI records from DWP, HMRC, NI Contributions Office, Doctor's records? Just how far do I go? I have been too nervous to even begin the hunt for 4 to 8 year old information when I was so ill I never left the house. I am worried too whether I am interpreting the request correctly--maybe it's just about 2006 before I began, but I fear that the ultimate decision may endanger every year following that! I would be grateful to know the address to send the Data Request to HMRC and to DWP and to NI Contributions Office since I need to know what they think they know about me? Only fair, right? I think so: I have a right and it seems a responsibility to search out the facts for HMRC?

Thank you all and now I'll stop. Please forgive me for writing so's part of my disability...anxiety/depression/frustration/ and the feeling that the System is beating me to smattereens.

Keep the faith,

P.S. Sorry about the font changes, I'm new to time I'll figure it all out. Thanks!

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Posted - 26/10/2010 :  10:41:20  Show Profile Send PJD a Private Message
Hi Va

sorry this has gone unanswered so far. (i only spotted when i was tidying up the forum and moved it to the cases thread).

what you write sounds like they are doing some type of enquiry (a Tax Credit process) but i'm afraid i don't know who B&C compliance operations are. for tax credit is is handled by TCO own compliance department, so i think this request has actually come in regards to another benefits agency. i.e the DWP, its just they reference the tax credit claim. whats the logo at the top of the letter?

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Posted - 26/10/2010 :  12:46:51  Show Profile Send missfroy2 a Private Message
B&C operations are benefits & credits, the Tax Credit Office basically.

There is no need to do a data request in this case. You can contact DWP to ask them for a confirmation that you were in receipt of the incapacity benefit during the period they have asked.

HMRC have done checks on lots of claims this year to ensure they are correct so it sounds like that is what it is.

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Rank; Hector Tax Inspector

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Posted - 26/10/2010 :  22:28:13  Show Profile Send onlimee a Private Message
if you can bring yourself to ring them, you could ask them to check? presumably they'll be able to get this sort of info directly from dwp?
if you can't face ringing them, you could get someone to act for you eg a friend or CAB
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