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 Tax Credit Overpayments
 Not tooo late-----Major win first time round!
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Posted - 19/06/2009 :  00:00:14  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message

Message Preview - Not tooo late-----Major win first time round!
I just had to search for your website again, not only to share with you our victory, but thank you for making this information available. We where overpaid from the period of 2004/2005.

Because our income had increased, they had been taking what ever small amount we have been eligible for and using it towards recovering this overpayment amount. We accepted this as it was better than us having to pay them back, as it was like they where just paying themselves for their mistakes. But mostly we did not think that we could actually do something about it.

It was not until last year when we emigrated from the UK, and faced the prospect of paying this amount back, that we actually went out of our way to do anything. So this April almost 4 years later, (we did think that they might say it was too late) we start looking for information on what to do.

We wrote a detailed and informed letter with the amazing help of your website. Our main points where that the forms and communication from the Hmrc where so confusing that we where forced to seek assistance in filling them out, which meant that we had to rely fully on the advice of our advisors, who in turn misadvised us. We said that this meant that they did not meet their requirement as defined by their own practice code. We also mentioned that we understand that it was a widespread problem from this time period, and that we are aware that they have been instructed to deal more leniently with cases from this time period.

And today two months later we received a very personal and apologetic reply to our letter, first for taking so long to reply and second stating that they agreed that we had been misinformed, and that they had not met their responsibilities as set out in their code of practice 26. And further more they release us from the whole amount of our repayment which was a whopping 7,106.21 pounds!


Who needs the lottery! Soo even after four years, if it is there fault we are proof that they will pay. And it is worth the time and energy.

Imagine after just a few hours research, and one letter, I have now saved our family 7,000 pounds.

Thanks and good luck to everyone, don't give up!
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Ali M-W

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Posted - 24/06/2009 :  07:26:51  Show Profile Send Ali M-W a Private Message
Hi Thanksamillion! Thanks a trillion for the kind words, and I am delighted that once again the innocent "customer" has triumphed over a bungling, bureaucratic regime. Every time I hear of someone winning justice, I feel heartened that there is one more nail in the coffin for this abusive system which messes up far more often than it should, yet blames its victims and treats them like criminals when really any system-created errors should be written off. Only then will there be any incentive to make the system fair and accurate.

Your win is great for you, but also for us, as it gives others hope of success and gives those overseeing this mess a strong message that we are not going to put up with ill treatment!

Thanks for posting, and feel free to visit us from time to time and keep looking in!


Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 29/06/2009 :  01:16:15  Show Profile Send PJD a Private Message
hiya Thanks a Million.

great news. am so glad to hear it. although i must admit to being a little surprised by it. HMRC usually respond to this type of complaint with a tense and unrealistic response of "you should have understood the system better"

was there a particular issue involved in your case? i.e disability entitlement or anything else?

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Ali M-W

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Posted - 01/07/2009 :  07:01:56  Show Profile Send Ali M-W a Private Message
Or.... perhaps HMRC workers are starting to exercise discretion in more cases? Could they perhaps be becoming disillusioned with their masters? With oppressive working practices coming from the top down? For our revered, unelected Prime Minister who is so astoundingly popular and keen to go to the public vote? With our MPs, who should be leading by example, and portray themselves as pinnacles of society whilst having their hands in the till and noses in the trough? Could there be growing empathy for ordinary, lower paid honest workers shown by ordinary, lower paid, honest but increasingly disillusioned HMRC workers? Could there - heaven forbid - be some working class/lower middle class SOLIDARITY going on....!? Dare we hope?

I personally think it quite likely that something of this kind is happening. The underdog is crawling out from under the bed. HMRC workers are perhaps realising that we aren't any different, actually, from them. We have been badly ruled by masters who don't deserve our faith and passive compliance. They are no better than us. Indeed, they are far worse than us. They took advantage of our trust. They betrayed us, stole from us, did to us what they accused us of doing.

Funny how this (for this case seems to not be unique - others are also reporting quick results!) has all happened since Brown's popularity has plummeted and the expenses scandal come to light. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the penny might be dropping that something quite Orwellian has been going on, and the Pigs are not to be trusted?

Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
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